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How to catch a serial rapist? Study finds Cleveland, Cuyahoga authorities failed to collect DNA from nearly 15,000 suspects over 7 years
The Plain Dealer Cleveland, Oct 31, 2022
This article highlights the ongoing efforts of the Cuyahoga County (OH) in collecting DNA from arrestees and convicted offenders as part of their Lawfully Owed DNA SAKI award. Read more to find out how the team in Cleveland is collecting DNA from these individuals.

Boone County man sentenced after Missouri attorney general’s office helps clear sexual assault kit backlog
ABC 17 News Team, May 27, 2022
"A Boone County man charged with forcible rape pleaded guilty in court on Friday and was sentenced to seven years in prison. Original charges were never filed and the sexual assault kit was never sent to a lab. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said, “When I launched the SAFE Kit Initiative in 2019, my ultimate goal was to obtain justice on behalf of the victims of these heinous crimes, and to keep victims front and center in everything we do. Judge M. Keithley Williams and her team have put in painstaking hours to get these kits inventoried and tested, and today’s guilty plea is undoubtedly a product of that hard work. While this is the first conviction obtained due to testing through the SAFE Kit Initiative, my Office will continue to work hard to ensure that it isn’t the last."

GBI reduces sexual assault evidence backlog by almost 80%
Fox 5 Atlanta, Claire Simms, May 26, 2022
"Over the last two years, employees in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Forensic Biology Section have worked to reduce a backlog of sexual assault evidence kits. According to the GBI, they had 1,715 kits to process in April 2020. That number was down to just 380 in April 2022. "They have significantly reduced the backlog by almost 80 percent in the past two years," explained GBI Public Affairs Director Nelly Miles."

AG Kaul Announces Launch of Statewide Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System for Victims
Wisconsin Department of Justice, May 25, 2022
"Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul today announced the launch of Track-Kit, a statewide sexual assault kit (SAK) tracking system. Beginning today, all SAKs collected by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) will be tracked in Track-Kit, an online system that allows survivors to follow the location of their kit through the testing process. “This system will empower survivors to learn about the status of their kit at any time and help prevent a future backlog of untested sexual assault kits,” said Attorney General Kaul. “The launch of a sexual assault kit tracking system in Wisconsin is another important step forward in ensuring that a victim-centered approach is being taken in sexual assault cases.”

Florida man arrested in connection to 2010 sexual assault cold case in Michigan
News Channel 3 Staff, May 24, 2022
"Cameron Alvarez, 32, was arrested in the 2100 block of SW Vista Road in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Alvarez was arrested on a felony warrant for two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, according to deputies. The Florida sheriff's office and the Port St. Lucie Police Department helped Sexual Assault Kit Initiative investigators from the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor's Office in his arrest."

News Channel 12 Investigates: State leaders working to decrease sexual abuse kit backlogs
News Channel 12, Kate Hussey and Jordan Honeycutt, May 23, 2022
"More progress is being made in clearing the backlog of untested sexual assault kits that sat on the shelves of North Carolina law enforcement agencies for decades. News Channel 12 has been following the sexual assault kit tracking system year after year, ever since it was first implemented in 2018. This year, Attorney General Josh Stein, said funding has been key. “We are continually learning about cases being solved, there have been some 60 different cases, or people who have been identified through this work, responsible for over 90 crimes,” said Stein."

Wisconsin Attorney General Visits Superior, Talks About Sexual Assault Prosecutor Training
FOX21, Rusty Mehlberg, May 18, 2022
“It fits into our broader efforts to strengthen Wisconsin’s response to sexual assault,” says Kaul. “One of the things that we’ve worked to do is to get justice in cases where it was denied and it shouldn’t have been.” Kaul says several initiative have been put in place to do this. It includes having every sexual assault kit tested. He points to a recent prosecution in southeast Wisconsin where DNA from one person has been connected to four sexual assault kits and charges were filed."

Attorney General’s Office completes project to collect lawfully owed DNA from registered sex offenders, May 10, 2022
"Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced that his office completed its project to collect DNA samples from registered sex offenders in Washington who are legally required to provide their DNA but from whom a sample has never been collected or submitted to a lab for testing. This phase of the project resulted in 372 new DNA profiles entered into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), a nationwide database. Eight out of the 372 newly entered sex offender DNA profiles resulted in a “hit,” meaning the offender’s profile matched DNA evidence already in the database."

Jackson man found guilty of sexual assaults dating back to 2014, May 10, 2022
"An initiative aiming to solve older sexual assault cases has led to the conviction of a Jackson man. Tyrone Demarcus Parker, 26, was found guilty Friday, May 6, of four charges relating to assault and sexual assault. He is set to appear before Jackson County Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson for sentencing on June 16, according to court records. The Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office was awarded a grant to expand the program in 2019, which led to further investigations related to previously untested sexual assault kits from various agencies in both Ingham and Jackson counties, officials said. SAKI was assisted in this investigation by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Jackson Police Department and Napoleon Police Department."

How finally testing a 2010 rape kit led to charges in New Bedford case
Audrey Cooney,, May 6, 2022
"A rape kit that sat untested for 12 years provided a key clue for police in finding a suspect who is now being charged for his alleged role in a violent rape. "I am extremely pleased that our rape kit testing initiative has already resulted in indictments against this defendant for a cold case violent sexual assault committed more than a decade ago in New Bedford,"" Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn said in a statement."