Sexual Assault Unit Assessments

The National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Team is working with jurisdictions across the country to conduct Sexual Assault Unit (SAU) Assessments, which examine the processes and procedures in place for investigating and prosecuting sexual assault cases—including the use of victim-centered and trauma-informed practices. These voluntary assessments are conducted in partnership with jurisdictions to provide an independent, comprehensive review of the sexual assault investigative process—both within and outside of the law enforcement domain.

The assessments have three components:

  1. A review of sexual assault policies and procedures;
  2. Interviews with staff, including supervisors within the SAU unit; and
  3. A systematic review of sexual assault investigative case files.

Following the systematic review, the SAU Team provides an in-person agency briefing and summary report that details the findings and recommendations—including linkages between identified needs and available resources and trainings.

The SAU Assessments are led by Dr. Kevin Strom and Ret. Detective Sergeant Jim Markey from RTI International and a team that includes subject matter experts in sexual assault investigations and victim advocacy. The team also leverages SAKI TTA experts in forensic nursing, forensic science, and prosecution.

If your jurisdiction is interested in discussing the SAU Assessment process in more detail, contact Crystal Daye ( or the SAKI TTA Helpdesk (; 1-800-957-6436).

SAU Assessment Reports

Fayetteville Police Department (North Carolina)
This report details the main findings and recommendations from the SAU Assessment for the Fayetteville Police Department (FPD), completed in December 2017. The report also identifies available resources and trainings to address specific needs. The FPD, which has been a SAKI site since fiscal year 2015, has been working with partners to aggressively pursue sexual assaults—including cold case sexual assaults associated with previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits.

Fayetteville Police Department SAU Assessment Final Report

The SAKI TTA Team continues to work on additional SAU Assessments. As those are completed, final reports will be added to this page.